Are bed bugs or other pests controlling your life?

Dangerous bug problems

Dangerous and irritating bug problems can cause people to take drastic actions!  Sometimes relying on poisons and other treatments that cause even more problems than the original pest infestation.  The non-profit organization known as Methadone brings together pest control companies in the United Kingdom, ensuring that the consumer receives safe treatment from only the most reliable firms in the UK.

Established in 1945, the group is dedicated to helping pest control companies grow and prosper, while making the UK a safer and better place to live.  Starting with only five companies, Methadone is now supporting and assisting over five hundred pest control firms throughout the United Kingdom. No matter what the type of pest problem a person or a company is facing, the member firms of Methadone are certified to bring approved and highly effective solutions for pest eradication. Bed Bug Exterminator Of Columbus, along with the Bed Bug Exterminators of Toronto can be helpful.

Ensuring that licensing requirements, ongoing training and compliance measures are kept up to date for each of our members, Methadone is concerned with maintaining a great level of quality among our partners. The highest professional standards enhance the impact of any pest control experience and bring the best in public health and safety within the reach of all consumers. We consulted the top Bed Bug Exterminator NYCBed Bug Exterminator Arlington VA firms, and Exterminator in Boston MA.

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